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Are you READY
to TRANSFORM your life?


Meaningful reflexology-based treatments

Brussels - online



I'm Mercedes, 

a foot reader, reflexologist, aromatherapist, and EFT practitioner, creator of The Feet Connection.


I am here to help you connect to your purpose in  life, get rid of physical or emotional pain, and feel grounded (no matter where you are, or for how long you are going to be there!)

Together, we can search within my toolbox of techniques to care for your mind, body and soul and bring out the best version of yourself.


Don't know where to start? Book a free 15-min video call and ask me! 

You are

someone 'in transit'. Maybe you're an expat, a nomad,

or you've just divorced. Or had a kid. Or quit your job. You're going from one phase in life to another and that can be really exhausting.


Fast-paced life is enriching, it enhances your day-to-day with opportunities and challenges.


But sometimes you just become overwhelmed by the chaos, right? And that creates stress, feeling of otherness, lack of purpose, insomnia, physical pain, confusion, sickness. Shall I go on?


Let me tell you something... if you could stand still, even for a split second, to connect to yourself, to others, and to the Universe, you could unlock a whole new level of wholeness and help your body, mind and soul heal


I can help you do that. Want to know how?


Stefania F.

“I'd been struggling for 6 months, not being able to balance work and social life in a new country. Mercedes used a combination of foot reading and rewiring to shift my focus and break the vicious circle."

Charlotte W.

"Had met Mercedes while living in Brussels and called her to see whether she could help me with a case of relentless insomnia. We had regular video sessions where she coached me to work on certain points on my own feet using essential oils. It worked like a charm."

Valérie S.

“I had gotten used to living with cronic neck pain, but since painkillers were no longer effective, I went to Mercedes. The process was long, and it included answering what looked like a neverending questionnaire before the treatment! But the pain has drastically dropped.  I will continue sessions until it's completely gone!”

Contact Me


Avenue Henri Pauwels 7

1200 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre


+32 470 395 965

Opening Hours


2:00 pm – 8:00 pm


9:00 am – 8:00 pm


2:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Do you prefer to be contacted by me? Click here and 

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