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“And you?

When will you begin

that long journey

into yourself?”

― Rumi


you spend long hours sitting behind a desk and at the end of the day your neck is killing you. You want to get a massage but it hurts so badly that the treatment feels like a torture.

Or let’s say you are so stressed that your mind just cannot unplug and you spend one sleepless night after the other, waking up the next morning feeling exhausted.

And what if you have a medical diagnosed condition? One that causes you pain, burning sensation, fatigue, impairment of any of your senses. Or fear, unease, anger.

Suppose you just feel emotionally overwhelmed. You are drowning in your emotions, anxiety builds up. You know something has to change. You would like to start a therapy, but you don’t know where to begin.

Do any of these sound like you?

If yes, let me introduce you to the ultimate health hack to enhance your life.



is like a remote control which allows you to reach the parts of your body, mind and soul that can’t be reached otherwise.

As if you were adjusting volume, color or focus on a tv, you can act on your mood, energy and wellbeing.

And as far as foot reflexology is concerned, these remote control buttons are on your feet.

The theory of reflexology is that all the systems and organs of the whole body are mirrored or reflected in smaller peripheral areas, for example the feet, hands, ears and face.

Foot Reflexology uses different techniques to stimulate, calm, activate or unblock certain areas on the feet known as reflexes that represent every system, organ, gland and energy point. There are reflexes in the feet that, when stimulated, carry messages along the neural pathways to the corresponding body part. This in turn triggers the body to go into a state of balance and normal functioning.

A reflexologist will read your feet and choose the most appropriate technique or protocol to help you create balance, instill a sense of wellbeing and boost your health.

I need this!

What can reflexology help with?

Some people notice that regular reflexology treatments help to improve the quality of their sleep, improve their mood and immune system, their digestion, even their respiratory capacity.
However everyone responds differently, so the only way to find out how you’ll feel is to book yourself in for a treatment! Not only will reflexology help to rebalance your system you’ll also find that reflexology can leave you feeling calm and refreshed.
The most common issues people come to see me about (and get good results with!) are:
stress, depression, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, pain management, fluid retention, chronic migraine, urinary problems, poor circulation, anxiety, sleep disorders and insomnia, digestive issues, proprioception deficits, toxins elimination, heavy legs, immune system weakness.

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