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Nice to meet you!

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After leaving my home country Argentina to move to Belgium, my body started experiencing uprooting stress: allergies, pains, insomnia, digestive issues. At the same time, while I was learning the local languages, I reflected on how the difficulty to express ourselves in a language we do not master can make us feel isolated from the world.
When I discovered reflexology, all the pieces of the puzzle suddenly fell into place: on the feet, we find messages from the body and from the soul. There it was, a universal language, a means of connecting to myself for better connecting with others! Discovering the power of reflexology made me feel so happy that I wanted to share its benefits with everyone.
Reflexology is a healing method developed by ancient Asian civilizations that works on very precise points – reflex points- that correspond to organs, glandes, specific body parts but also different energy fluxes.
This therapy helps each person do what they need to do: regain their balance, unblock their emotions, relieve tension, relax, reenergize, stimulate self healing body mechanisms, get rid of toxins.
I am a plantar reflexologist (Ingham method) recognized by the FeBeRef, the R.i.E.N. and the I.C.R. and I have completed my training with Energetic reflexology (Reflex-In method: foot reading and harmonisation), Aromatherapy, palmar reflexology and Dien Chan (facial reflexology), Emotional Freedom Techinques and amerindian rooting rituals.
I speak French, English, Spanish and Italian and 'I've been there'. 

Hope to see you soon!

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