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Foot reading: connect the dots

Is anxiety the first thing you feel when you wake up? Can’t feel any enthusiasm for the day ahead of you? Are your days often filled with fear, uncertainty, and tirednessThere used to be a version of you that you really loved, but you can’t find it within you anymore? 

Sometimes, being in transit, moving abroad, uprooting yourself and maybe your family, and going (or being taken) from one phase in life to another can cause that. The downside of the great adventure of starting a new life -or a new episode- might many times be this sense of disconnection, of confusion, of estrangement. The GOOD NEWS is that


FOOT READING and REWRITING can help you with that


Flat Feet Care

How can Foot reading and Rewriting help me? 


Our brain stores memories, and so do our feet. 

Yes, every little mark, wrinkle, dry patch of skin, manifests an event and tells a part of our story. And it's possible to read how the feet were supposed to be before these modifications and work with specific techniques to open these engrams and release memories, see where our essence got blocked and where this block comes from, go back to that version that we really loved, connect to our inner pilot, reveal our better self, rewrite our story. 

But the same way life leaves its traces on our feet, so can we.

If any of this resonates with you, then you’re probably living a life that’s not aligned to your highest natural potential.

Would you like to know what an in-person session is like? Or an online session?

We can read and see how

Next to the chance to reinvent yourself, lies the trap of getting lost in translation.

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