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Do you feel lost? 



            Or blocked


Tired of just surviving, going through the motions, but not living life to its fullest?


So many things to feel grateful for, and yet… something is off.  


Deep down, you know there has to be a better way of living

a bright, colorful life, instead of this dull copy of it.


The good news is:  FOOT READING and REWRITING can help you.


Yes, we can read what your feet say about you and


unleash your Inner Natural Potential. 

Free from mental constructions and overthinking, feet just tell the truth. 

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This is how the magic works...



We give a name to your emotions (anger is not the same as sadness, fear is very different from apathy) and we find out how deeply installed they are, and which parts of your life they are affecting. 

Then we identify the challenges you’re facing and the natural skills you have to overcome them. 

We address the programs running in you and discover whether the beliefs behind your programs are really yours or have been passed on by someone else, or something you’ve lived through, like a virus you didn’t even realize entered your system.



We work with specific reflexology-based techniques to break blockages, release stored memories, re-establish or redirect energy flow, and balance excesses and deficiencies.

We make room for your natural abilities and strengths to blossom and grow. We help you connect body, mind and soul.



We work with a personalized set of various tools (i.e. aromatherapy, emotional freedom techniques, chakra harmony, affirmations, visualization and storytelling) to help you create your new, own beliefs, and let your feet start walking their (your!) own path. 

Do you want to try?

Take your pick!

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Foot Reading

This 60-min long session

-which can be done either  

In-person or online-

will help you identify your challenges and discover the assets you have to overcome them. 


Foot Reading & Erasing

TWO 60-min long sessions

After a complete, deep reading we begin the erasing process at the end of the first session. Next time we meet, we evaluate how feet have evolved, we re read and go further into getting rid of limiting beliefs. 

PROMO €110

(instead of €130)

Foot Reading, Erasing & Rewriting

This is a complete transformational journey which includes :

-ONE 60 min long initial reading session

-FOUR deep reading, erasing, rewriting 60-min sessions

-FOUR personalized scripts to dissolve limiting beliefs and reinforce affirmations


Pesonalized blend (in person) or personalized footprint of your natural potentials and challenges (online).

PACK €275

(instead of €350)

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