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In-person Foot Reading

Getting ready

When making an appointment, you’ll receive a questionnaire and clear instructions on how to take pictures of your feet (nothing complicated, just pictures taken with your phone will do). Wear loose, comfortable bottom clothes if possible. Try to avoid large, heavy meals in the previous hour of your treatment.



When you come to the session I will compare your previously sent pictures to your feet. This will allow me to see them at two different moments and have a deeper insight into your natural potential. I will use touch to check temperature, tender spots, flexibility, reactions, and I will tell you everything I see about your most important blocks, your trapped emotions, your challenges, your assets, your inner processes, while we talk about it and we will set an intention for the ‘rewriting’ part of the session, maybe pick an specific issue.



You will lie on the massage table, completely relaxed, eyes closed, music and essential oils specially chosen for your rewriting, while I’ll start working on your feet, using specific techniques to change patterns, free memories and help energy flow.  


Engraving and Harmonization

While you are still lying down, I’ll gently guide you using affirmations while tapping into specific reflex points to use the foot-brain connection to help your mind, body and soul fully internalize the new message to your inner pilot. You can either repeat them after me or in your mind. 

The session finishes with a brief harmonization. 



Don’t force anything, just observe, pay attention to how you see things. Drink a lot of water 

This is a protocol that uses some elements from reflexology, EFT, music, oils and a certain rhythm to induce you into an alpha state. It aims to help you connect to yourself and to reprogram your body, mind and soul to be on your way to best-being and give your life true meaning. 

Further questions? Comments? Doubts?

Leave me your contact info here, I'll get back to you.

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