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As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, it's clear that summer is just around the corner! With the change in season comes the desire to feel our best both physically and mentally to make the most of the many opportunities these months offer.


That's why I have some news to share...

One of the biggest challenges this season can bring is swollen legs. That's why since last year, I've been offering 30-minute lymphatic drainage sessions, and those who took advantage of them have had incredible results, avoiding fluid retention, being able to walk more without getting tired, and preventing the appearance of bruises.

So, this year, I thought about using facial reflexology protocols to also add the lymphatic drainage service on the face. This gentle technique, which I complement with essential oils with guaranteed therapeutic purity, reduces swelling and restores circulation, improving the overall appearance of the skin.

And since these protocols are short, I came up with the idea of combining them in this session that will make you feel on cloud nine: Face&Feet Lymphatic Drainage.


New treatment: F&F Lymphatic Drainage

A 60-minute session working on the face for 30 minutes and legs and feet for 30 minutes for €65 (if you purchase 2 sessions to be used within the month for €110, you will receive a free 10ml roll-on of the essential oil blend I use to work on the legs).

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