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Know your emotions

Updated: Mar 29

(because knowledge is power)

Knowing what you are feeling is a crucial step in being able to change how you are feeling. Emotions are signals from our brains that help us respond to different situations, and they can vary in intensity, duration, and complexity. By identifying and labeling our emotions, we can begin to understand them and respond to them in a more effective way.

Some time ago, right after the final part of the pandemic, Angela contacted me for an online Foot Reading session. Even though she had felt somewhat reluctant to attend (she wasn't sure "online" was as good as in-person) she also found that it was quite convenient to have her feet read from the comfort of her own home, as she was feeling "depressed" and not in the mood for going out.

Before we started the reading, I asked her whether she wanted to tell me what was bothering her. She was depressed, she said, and couldn't understand why. It had been going on for a while now. She didn't feel like getting out of bed in the morning, and she was really worried about going to the office. People were still working remotely, but they'd been told presential work would be a matter of time. Would her depression allow her to be back at her job when the time came?

While preparing for our session, I had thoroughly studied the photos of her feet, and what I had seen was anxiety, not depression. I asked her to show me her feet on camera and yes, I confirmed it she was feeling extremely anxious.

We started discussing what I saw and, by taking a moment to recognize and acknowledge that she was feeling anxious, she could start to explore the reasons behind it. She was suffering from post-pandemic anxiety and felt uncomfortable about the idea of being surrounded by coworkers and germs.

Once we identified the cause of her anxiety, we could start to take action to address it. I had noticed she was a very intuitive person, so I helped her activate that intuition energy by applying pressure on certain points of her toes while converting limiting beliefs into empowering affirmations.

It's important to note that this process of naming your emotions doesn't necessarily mean you will immediately feel better. However, it does give you a starting point.

We worked once a week for a couple of months and I'm happy to say that Angela went back not only to the office but to a very sparkly social life.

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