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Different needs, different treatments.

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zone therapy sessions or precise protocols for specific issues

Foot reading and Rewriting

connect the dots, reveal your maximum natural potential

Aroma Harmony

inmune booster
therapeutic protocols

From head to toes

the best of two worlds: a facial and foot reflexology combo

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Foot Massage

New Clients: take the first step!

Is this your first time coming to see me? First of all, make sure to subscribe to my newsletter, so you can grab a €15 discount coupon to use on your first treatment and then go ahead and book a session. 

We'll have a chat where I tell you how reflexology works, you tell me what you expect to get from the treatment and I search among my tools and techniques to give you a tailored treatment, followed by a debriefing.

Online services

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Which treatment is right for you?

Maybe you've never tried reflexology. Or maybe you have, but now you look at my treatment list and don't know how to choose.
What if we talked about it?

You tell me what you expect, I tell you how I can help you (or refer you to another professional if I can't).

Meet me and ask me everything you want to know by scheduling a videocall. Click here

Connect to yourself
grounding sessions for people 'in transit'

Foot reading and rewriting: working with oils, EFT and self-reflexology to reveal your maximum natural potential

Video-library: coming soon


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Price List

Take Your Pick

In-person treatments

  • Reflexology: €65*

  • Foot reading and Rewriting: €65*

  • Aroma harmony: €65*

  • 30-min treatments (lymphatic drainage, precise pain relief, anxiety calming routine, smell loss recovery) : €40 

  • Reflexology 90-min: €80

  • From head to toes 90-min (combo of facial + foot reflex + essential oils): €80

*Discount to clients who come in for weekly sessions: 4 sessions for €220 (€55 instead of €65) that you can mix and match with same price therapies.

Online treatments

  • Foot reading and rewriting: €65*

  • Connect to yourself: €65*

  • 30-min Connect to Yourself: €40

*Discount to clients who come in for weekly sessions: 4 sessions for €220 (€55 instead of €65) that you can mix and match with Body harmony aromatherapy.



 SAVE 15%


 Paid-in-full discount. Not cumulative with other promotions. 

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